An Introduction to Real Estate Wholesaling

How to Ethically Buy & Sell Distressed Properties Using Very Little of Your Own Money

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When: June 17, 2020 at 8 PM ET

Where: Your Computer, Phone, or Laptop

What do COVID-19 and the brutal attack by law enforcement against George Floyd have in common? Beyond the fact that both of these examples are tragedies, they are tragedies that disproportionately hurt the Black community. You see, whether we are talking about negative health outcomes due to lack of funding to hospitals in Black communities,  or we're talking about aggressive police tactics, one thing is constantly true: The more that we take control of the OWNERSHIP of our communities, the more that we can make positive DECISIONS that improve our communities. 


In addition to health outcomes, COVID-19 will have a drastic impact on poor Black neighborhoods economically due to increased unemployment rates. I guarantee you that there is some gentrifier from outside of the community that is chomping at the bit to turn these once great Black neighborhoods into something completely different. Ethical wholesalers are our first line of defense from wealth raiders looking to maximize profits, no matter the personal pain and community costs. Wholesalers are the deal-finders and connectors that help find distressed properties a good owners. The best thing is that it takes very little capital to get started and you can start seeing results in short periods of time. 


In this 2 hour master lecture, you will learn how to: 

  • Understand the differences between popular investing methods such as wholesaling, house flipping, and buying & holding properties.

  • Uncover strategies to quickly find great investment properties in untapped markets nationwide.

  • Budget for the upfront time & money costs necessary to get started and gain early momentum.

  • Hone your negotiating skills with both the buyer and seller of a property to maximize your profits for each deal executed.

  • Research the local laws in your area to stay in compliance with the rules & regulations of wholesaling.

  • Obtain the short-term financing necessary to complete deals with your property buyers.

  • Identify the top 5 risks associated with real estate wholesaling and the things that you can do to mitigate them.

Your Instructors

Co-Founder - Epiq Collective

Jessica Myers

Courageous and energetic Entrepreneur with 10+ years of training and industry experience in sales. Jessica is a Master Connector of resources. Having renovated over $6.5 million in real estate, Jessica helps others to get their start in real estate investing through collaboration and group economics. 


In 2019, she co-founded Epiq Collective, a commercial real estate fund which focuses on hotels, multi-family, office and retail. You don't have to have $1 million to invest in a multi-million dollar portfolio, especially when we invest together. 

Co-Founder - Epiq Collective

Davonne Reaves

Davonne Reaves is a hospitality industry veteran with over ten years of experience in hotel operations, asset management, hotel development, and feasibility studies. In 2017, Ms. Reaves founded The Vonne Group, a consulting firm that specializes in premier hotel consulting, cutting edge market research, and innovative brand positioning. Most recently in 2019, she co-founded Epiq Collective, a commercial real estate investment fund that specializes in hotels and multi-family real estate.


Davonne's diverse hospitality experience includes Blair Management Consultant Services (event management), Hyatt Regency Atlanta (hotel operations), Horwath HTL (hotel development consulting and feasibility studies) and CHMWarnick (asset management). During her time at Horwath HTL and CHMWarnick, she managed portfolios totaling over $1 billion in assets.


Davonne is also the co-author of "Tidbits for the Emerging Pineapple Professional", a guide for the emerging hospitality professional.

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